Alan H.Reid established the business that continues to bear his name in Sydney in 1921, selling wire rope to meet the growing needs of the Australian mining, construction and manufacturing sectors. Through unstinting focus on service and quality the business survived the Great Depression and then negotiated the shortages of both imported and locally produced feed material brought on by World War II.

Having overcome the incredible challenges of the first thirty years of its life, the Reid™ business was well placed to profit from the opportunities presented by Australia’s spectacular growth in the period since 1945. Drawing on its extensive experience with wire strand products, Reid pioneered the introduction of pre-stressed concrete in Australia during the 1960s, commencing an involvement with concrete construction that has become the primary focus of the Reid business in the 21st century.

In 1973 Reid established the Reinforced Earth Company in Australia, which gave the business its first exposure to precast concrete retaining walls. This lead to the introduction of the Swiftlift™ clutch and lifting anchor system in the 1977 which has expanded to a complete range of Concrete Lifting Systems that can provide a solution to any lifting, anchoring or bracing challenge. 

Having built a reputation for innovation in the field of precast and tilt-up concrete construction, in the 1990’s Reid applied that creativity to the field of Reinforcing Systems for in-situ concrete construction. In 1995 Reid introduced ReidBar™ – a fully integrated continuous reinforcing system based on a patented, threaded bar and coupling mechanism that offers designers and builders advantages in flexibility, speed of constructions, and reduced cost compared to alternate methods of construction.

With a long history, Reid continues to lead the industry in service and innovation. Our products and our people have one aim – to reduce the total cost of concrete construction, by making it faster, safer and more efficient.