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AS 3850.1:2015 Compliance

Reid™ have always supplied the highest quality products into the precast and tilt up industry.

Reid™ products now comply with AS 3850.1:2015.

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To reflect the progress of the industry and the new innovative uses of precast and tilt-up construction, Australia Standard AS 3850 was updated in 2015. This update included a change in title to AS 3850:2015 Prefabricated Concrete Elements, a widened scope to include all prefabricated elements in Building Construction and a splitting of the document into two parts:

• Part 1, called ‘General requirements’ details the new performance and testing requirements for suppliers of componentry into the industry.  These new requirements are significantly different to AS 3850:2003 and should enable the industry to have greater confidence in the products that they are specifying and using;

• Part 2, called ‘Building construction’, aligns with the 2008 National Code of Practice for Precast, Tilt-Up and Concrete Elements in Building Construction and focuses on the interrelation of the various stages of manufacture, construction, transport and erection. It is specifically for the construction design and documentation of prefabricated concrete elements in building construction and provides guidance for the Erection Designer and highlights the importance of the Erection Design and Documentation.

The new AS 3850:2015 is central for the safe, efficient and cost-effective manufacture, construction, transport and erection of prefabricated
concrete elements.