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The Evolution Of Concrete Lifting

Suitable for panels up to 12 tonne.
No Shear Bars! No Tension Bar and mesh interference.
Easy remote clutch release​
No sharp edges.
Lighter than comparable capacity systems.

So, why the need for change?

Reid™ undertook extensive research into the construction challenges and “pain points” facing the precast panel manufacturers in Australia and New Zealand. Working closely with leading precasters, Reid™ were able to identify the following industry need which had remained unmet, until now:

-  Less congestion of the fittings, reinforcement and mesh 
- One lifting solution to cover 90% of panels 
- To reduce the in-place cost of anchors 
- Easier and quicker clutch engagement and release 

In collaboration with key precasters, the Reid™ Product Development Team set about designing the 
3Dx™ Lifting System - an innovative solution to address the industry’s pain points.

The Evolution Of Concrete Lifting™. 

Download the Reid 3Dx™ Brochure here.