Architectural Solutions

The ability of reinforced concrete to take up virtually any shape that the architect can visualise is probably the single most important characteristic that has made it the dominant construction material of the modern age.  

Reid's Architectural Solutions brings together a stable of innovative architectural systems and technologies which are sustainable and cost-effective.





graphic concrete offers a new way to produce a patterned concrete surface. The patented technology involves applying a surface retarder to a special membrane. The pattern on the concrete surface results from the contrast between the smooth face and the exposed aggregate finish. Choose a pattern from an existing Graphic Concrete Ltd collection, or design your own.

For over 30 years,
Fitzgerald Formliners has been developing and manufacturing the most technically advanced form liners. Fitzgerald offers the most innovative products and latest manufacturing methods available. From design through to the final product, Fitzgerald's attention to detail and quality engineering will guarantee a creative and cost-effective architectural finish for your next project. Nirvana™ Insulated Concrete Panels combine the energy efficiency of insulation with the thermal mass and structural integrity of concrete, to produce buildings that are both comfortable and sustainable.