Single Use Plastic Formliners

Maximise design.  Minimise cost.

Through our long standing relationship with Fitzgerald Formliners, Reid is proud to announce the local release of a select range of formliner patterns available in Fitzgerald's patented Vac-U-Form,  VinyLok and Fitzlok propreitary systems.

These select patterns will be stocked in Australia and will be available for immediate despatch.

For more infomation on the Fitzgerald Single Use Formliners available in Australia, download the brochure (pdf) here. 

Got a question? Download the Fitzgerald Single Use Formliner 
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) guide.


Single Use formliners are vacuum formed using high impact styrene plastic and are available in standard sheet sizes. Most Vac-U-Form liners can be matched from top-to-bottom or from side-to-side for larger coverage areas.   

Vac-U-Form liners offer cost effective architectural detail, and are lightweight and very easy to use. If required, Vac-U-Form Single Use Formliners are easily cut to size on site. 



Extruded in a rigid polystyrene plastic to 9 metres in length, Vinylok's trapezoid (or fluted) pattern single use liners are suitable for use in tilt-up, precast and cast-in-place concrete applications. VinyLok’s unique interlocking system provides the ideal solution for projects where seamless finishes are required.

The benefits of VinyLok™ liner are:

  • Seamless finishes
  • Design flexibility
  • Fast installation
  • Reduced labour costs
  • Reduces concrete leakage and the need for patching


The FitzLok Interlocking formliners produce seamless, simulated smooth brick or block masonry finishes through its patented keyed ends which includes an overlapping grout joint system that locks into place.

It completely eliminates the time and labour in taping, gluing and aligning formliner panels. Seamless joins mean no more grinding, patching your panels to eliminate seams or butt joins!

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