Nirvana™ Sandwich Panels

Nirvana™ Insulated Panels combine the energy efficiency of insulation with the thermal mass and structural integrity of concrete, to produce buildings that are truly comfortable. In addition to providing exceptional life cycle cost benefits in both financial and environmental terms, Nirvana Panels allow fast installation on site without the need for some after-trades.

The combination of high R-value from insulation and the internal concrete wall’s thermal mass effect flattens out temperature fluctuations, maintaining the indoor environment within accepted comfort levels. The resultant reduction in heating and cooling required for Nirvana buildings reduces the size of capital equipment and ongoing operational costs.

The green credentials of Nirvana are well documented, and are achieved without compromising aesthetic appeal. Concrete is a very versatile building material and can be employed to create beauty in construction. Fitzgerald formliners allow architectural creativity to be expressed simply and effectively, and when decorated with concrete colours and stains, can be simply awe-inspiring.

The Tabs below provide a glimpse of what can be achieved using Nirvana Insulated concrete panels.