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What is 

graphic concrete provides technology for use by architects in the design process, and also for the precast concrete industry to manufacture high-quality patterned concrete surfaces. Builders use these surfaces in industrially produced façades, floors and walls.

graphic concrete™ is a patented technology invented by interior architect Samuli Naamanka. The technology is a proven concept within the precast concrete industry. An extensive number of completed projects from all over the globe demonstrate the vast range of designs in which architects can use graphic concrete™: be it public, residential or industrial. When an architect decides to use graphic concrete™ in the design of a concrete surface, the visual quality of the traditional surface is radically altered.

How does graphic concrete work?

graphic concrete technology is the printing of a surface retarder on a special membrane. Concrete is cast on top of the membrane and the retarder slows the setting (hardening) of the concrete in the selected areas. The unset, softer concrete surface is high pressure washed, revealing the fine aggregate finish.

The actual pattern (or image) on the surface of the concrete then results from the contrast between the smooth (or fair-face) finish and the exposed aggregate. Colour pigments can be added to the cement and aggregates of different colours can also be used to further enhance a pattern or design.

Casting of the concrete elements take place in a precast yard. The membranes are ordered through Reid, printed by graphic concrete™ and delivered to the precaster specifically chosen for that project by the architect, developer or builder.

More freedom and options for architects

graphic concrete allows you to use concrete in new and stylish ways; add the desired effect to a concrete surface by selecting a pattern from one of graphic concrete collections, or develop your own, unique design.


Stylish repetitive patterned and textured surfaces designed by graphic concrete.


Create your own repetitive custom designs.


Unique images, or works of art created by architects and/or designers.


A matte-like and almost pore-free, ultra smooth finish.

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