Choosing a Pattern

Choosing a graphic concrete pattern from an existing collection is simple.

To view a pattern from the GCCollection™ range, follow the links below. Alternatively, to download the latest GCCollection™ brochure, click here

Once a pattern has been selected, contact the Reid Customer Service Team to arrange for a quotation.


Latest patterns



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GCNature Collection


GCFlow Collection

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Using a design from an existing collection


  • Architect/Designer selects a pattern

  • Contact Reid Customer Service Centre via web/email or phone

  • Complete the Graphic Concrete Quote Request Form

  • Pattern details and basic project parameters are required

  • Reid will prepare a quotation

  • The quote is emailed through to architect/designer/developer.

  • Once approved, manufacturing of the membrane commences.

Preliminary tests and trial castings

It is recommended to perform preliminary test and preparatory tasks prior to starting full scale production with the graphic concrete™ membrane.

The preliminary tests should include trial castings using various concrete mixes and membranes to develop a greater understanding on how to use graphic concrete™ technology. This will facilitate production and ensure a quality finish on the cast concrete elements.

It is recommended that the precaster assigned to your project casts sample pieces of the membrane, which is then approved before production commences. The samples are used to test/check that the contrast between the smooth and exposed sections, as well as the depth of the exposure itself, are as per the original design.

Sample sections of a membrane can be made available. Contact Reid for more information.