Custom designs

Forming part of the GCPro™ collection, an architect/designer can easily design and develop their own repetitive pattern for use on a project.

Likewise, GCArt&Design™ provides for almost any image or photo nominated by the architect/designer to be adapted for use onto a graphic concrete™ membrane.

Whilst the process in designing a custom repeating pattern (GCPro™) is not too dissimilar to selecting an existing pattern (GCCollection™), there are just a few additional steps in the preparation of the print-ready file, which will require some consideration. Refer to the tabs below for more information on preparing a print-ready file.

Alternatively, to obtain a copy of the GCDesign Instructions for Architects & Designers, please contact the
Reid Customer Service Team


Repetitive patterns created by Architects and Designers.



Unique images created by designers produced on concrete surfaces. 






To create your own repetitive pattern (GCPro™) or to replicate an image or photo onto concrete using a graphic concrete membrane, follow these 5 quick guidelines:               

  1. The file contains 1-bit black and white (monochrome) graphics. No colours or greyscale allowed!
  2. Everything on your file will be printed, so ensure they are intended to be printed on the membrane. Show clear instructions such as crop marks, bleeds, frames etc.
  3. The file is printed in the size given in the file name:  Please name the file with actual print size (mm), name of project (abbreviated) and file format. For example: 1250x3010_WereStCafe.pdf
  4. Print a section of the pattern on a 1:1 scale:  When rasterizing an image, use larger raster pixels and lines. The recommended minimum pixel sizes are 5mm for repetitive GCPro™ patterns, 2mm for GCArt&Design™ images and 5mm for lines. It is important to test the visibility and the resolution by printing part of the image. Check the pattern is large enough to be seen from the most common viewing distance. 
  5. Deliver the file to Reid: Use scale 1:10 or 1:1. Please ensure the file is named correctly (see Point 3) and is in black & white ONLY. Send the file to Reid on a CD, via email or upload on an ftp site such as  or If sending files by email, please ensure the files size does not exceed 10MB. All emails should be sent to Reid Customer Service: