With many precast elements, and panel elements in particular, there will be a need to provide temporary support in the form of braces or props to hold the element safely in position until the rest of the surrounding structure is complete and locks the element in its final position.

Reid provides a range of bracing anchor solutions:

  • RapidBrace (pre-installed)
  • BraceSet (post-installed)

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Reid™ BraceSet™

RapidBrace - Looks like a rocket, makes your project go like one

RapidBrace is Reid's patented pre-installed bracing system that allows bracing to early strength concrete floors as low as 8MPa.  Using RapidBrace allows floor cycle times to be improved safely, through a design that relies on the 500MPa Reidbar component being the limiting design load factor.  The highly engineered RapidBrace system employs industry standard factors of safety to ensure RapidBrace will never pull out of concrete.

  • High Strength Anchoring in low strength concrete
  • Secure fixing of panel braces
  • Fast erection of temporary hand and guard rails
  • Quick fixing of safety screens
  • Reduced risk
  • Faster floor cycle times
  • Saves time and money

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Reid™ BraceSet™ Bracing Anchor is the ideal solution for anchoring the slotted feet of concrete wall panel braces, at either end of the brace.

AS3850.1:015 compliant, more information on the BraceSet is available from the handy compliance document below.