Edge Lifting

Tension bar hole option now available in each size.
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The SwiftLift™ JAWS™ Range:

Load range: 3t, 7t & 10t WLL (Max)
All JAWS™ anchors are Hot Dip Galv.
Cast into edge of the precast panel Recess former used to form recess/void
Clutch fits into void and engages head of the anchor
Colour coded system – head of the anchor, recess former and clutch
Tension bar hole available in each colour coded range
New technology – teeth configuration



JAWS™ Technology

The JAWS™ teeth configuration allows extremely high retention loads in concrete
without the lateral bursting forces that are generated by traditional wavy leg or hairpin anchors. 
Previous design of hairpin anchors have wavy legs, where the bearing faces cause an
outward or bursting reaction when they are loaded in tension.




Important Markings on JAWS™ anchors:

The important marking to look for on Reid™ SwiftLift™ JAWS™ anchors are shown in the diagram above.

1.  The manufacturer’s name/logo

2.  Nominal load class or rating

4.  The manufacturer's batch number



 Available NOW!
SwifLiftTM EdgeMasterTM  

WLL 2.5t 

Anchor length: 170mm

Cast into the precast panel edge

Recess former used to form recess/void

Lifting Eye bears against the wire bracket eliminating
panel edge spalling        

The patented EdgeMaster is an application of Reid's SwiftLift foot anchor technology that permits the use of standard SwiftLift lifting eyes for an edge lift, whilst protecting the element from concrete spalling.

Min. Panel
Part No Finish

2.5 tonne










Note:  The EdgeMaster design is optimised for edge lift applications. 
            Correct installation and rigging is illustrated below.

  Identification markings are required for the SwiftLift™ JAWS™ clutch to comply with AS3850-2003
The SwiftLift™ JAWS™ clutch must be proof load tested every 12 months in accordance with AS3850-2003
The SwiftLift™ JAWS™ clutch has a FOS (factor of safety) of no less than 5 in accordance with AS3850-2003
   The important markings to look for on a Reid SwiftLift™ JAWS™ clutch are shown in the diagram

1.  The manufacturers name and logo
2.  Nominal size or class of anchors the clutch is designed to be used with
3.  A test tag showing that the clutch has been proof tested to the required proof load for the particular clutch rating / class.
4.  Manufacturing Batch Certification - a unique number that identifies the specific batch of manufacture.