Cleaning, Repairs & Maintenance

Concrete is a sticky material that can quickly build-up on items that are not maintained.  Reid can show you the way in keeping formwork and equipment in top condition.  Where concrete products have been damaged, patching products are available to suit any situation.
Kem-Ex-It Plus MSDS
Kem-Ex-It Plus TDS

The solution to removing rust and concrete build-up on tools and formwork! Kem-Ex-It Plus is a water-based acidic solution that quickly removes hardened concrete, masonry mortar build-up, rust stains, and salt deposits. Ideal for cleaning steel and aluminium placing and forming equipment, Kem-Ex-It Plus is also safe to use on paint, rubber, plastic, and glass.  Kem-Ex-It Plus is exceptional at removing rust from old steel forms prior to use, saving labour time in grinding and cleaning.



  • Epoxy Grout Resin Pt A MSDS 
  • Epoxy Grout Hardener Pt B MSDS 
  • Epoxy Grout PDS 
  • Fillers FG MSDS 
  • Fillers FG PDS 
  • Premier Grout MP MSDS 
  • Premier Grout MP PDS 
  • Ultrafix Concremate MSDS 
  • Ultrafix Concremate PDS 

    Reid can offer a wide variety of patching and repair products from the Ramset range, including epoxies and cementitious compounds.

    For high strength structural applications, use our range of epoxy repair materials for piece of mind.

  • Formgard TJ MSDS
  • Formgard TJ TDS 

    Reducing maintenance costs, Formgard TJ protects steel forms from rust for up to 6 months in outdoor storage situations. Formgard TJ forms a water resistant corrosion protective film, resisting temperatures up to 135°C and the effects of salt water environments, without collecting dust.


  • KleenSkin MSDS
    KleenSkin TDS

    Reid KleenSkin is a water-based masking compound for tools, equipment and surrounds, to protect against concrete “spatter”, spillage, and run-off.   KleenSkin forms a thin protective film, producing a non-stick surface which neutralizes cement on contact and prevents adhesion. This dual release mechanism ensures KleenSkin keeps treated surfaces clean and free of concrete build-up. Hardened concrete can be simply removed from treated surfaces by light pressure wash, soap and water, or light tapping. These gentle removal methods avoid mechanical surface damage caused from hammering, grinding, and chiseling.