Concrete Curing Compounds

Correct curing of concrete is essential in achieving maximum strength and durability of the finished concrete structure. Curing involves maintaining adequate water within the concrete mix while the cement hydration reaction occurs, to ensure it progresses as close as possible to completion.

Curing compounds are designed to minimise the loss of water during concrete cure, producing concrete which is free of cracks, has a dense stain-resistant surface, and has minimal porosity to prevent the ingress of water, chlorides, and other corrosive elements which will attack reinforcing steel.

AS3799 is the Australian Standard for "Liquid membrane-forming curing compounds for concrete", and stipulates a minimum moisture retention of 90% over a 72 hour period.
Cure8 A TDS
Cure8 A MSDS

Cure8 A is a water based acrylic copolymer curing compound used to facilitate maximum water retention through the curing period to maximise concrete strength and durability.  Cure8 A meets the requirements of AS3799.

Cure8 A dries to form a clear solid film which is barely noticeable on concrete surfaces.  This film will accept many after trade coatings, and will experience only minimal darkening when exposed to sunlight.
Cure8 R TDS
Cure8 R MSDS

Cure8 R is a water based hydrocarbon resin curing compound, specifically designed for use on mass concrete structures such as roadwork, bridgework, and runways.

Cure8 R is designed to degrade over time, to allow the unhindered application of other toppings and treatments.  Unlike many resin based curing compounds, Cure8 R dries to form a tack-free film, so will not collect dirt, dust and stains.  Cure8 R will darken with age and UV exposure.
Cure8 AA TDS

Cure8 AA is a water based aliphatic alcohol finishing compound, designed for use on plastic (freshly poured and screeded) concrete.  It acts to reduce the evaporation of water during finishing operations, prior to application of a concrete curing compound.

Cure8 AA will not interfere with subsequently applied toppings, tiling, rendering, or other surface coatings.

Cure8 AA is NOT a curing compound, and once final finishing of the concrete is complete, one of Cure8 A, PW, or R should be used to ensure correct curing of concrete.