Sealants & Adhesives

In any construction activity, there is always sealing to be done.  Reid has a comprehensive range of adhesives and sealants, specially developed for use in concrete construction and offering high performance and ease of use.
Form Seal MSDS
Form Seal TDS

One-part neutral-cure silicone sealant with low adhesion. Formseal seals the base between formwork and casting beds, as well as corner sections of timber or metal formwork, to prevent concrete seeping through the gaps.  Being neutral-cure, Formseal will not cause rust on steel beds.

Blazebrake 201 MSDS
Blazebrake 201 PDS
HiSeal PDS
PolyFoamBacker PDS

Following placement of precast or tilt-up panels, use the range of Ramset sealants and backing rod to fill joints and provide fire protection if required. Polyurethane and water based acrylic products are available, in easy-to-apply formulations which won't let you down.

Fomofill MSDS
Fomofill PDS
FomoPlus MSDS
FomoPlus PDS

For fast and cost effective insulation and cavity filling, you simply need expanding polyurethane foams. FomoFill is suited for filling all sizes of holes and can be sanded, painted or tiled once set. FomoPlus produces closed cell polyurethane foam for increased insulation performance.

Reid FAB Adhesive WB MSDS
Reid FAB Adhesive WB TDS

Geo-textiles are becoming more widely used in civil construction works. Where they are combined with concrete structures, Reid FAB Adhesive provides a water based safe and secure option for textile placement prior to back filling. Fast setting, superior initial grab and strong adhesion means you can rely on Reid FAB Adhesive.