Forming the element

The ability of reinforced concrete to take up virtually any shape that the architect can visualise is probably the single most important characteristic that has made it the dominant construction material of the modern age. The flip side of this flexibility is the high dynamic and static loads that concrete generates during pouring and curing, and the need for material intensive forming systems to resist them.

Magnet based formwork systems have been employed in precast yards since the 1990’s but most were still material intensive and had many shortcomings. “Blow-outs” arising from failure of the magnet / bed bonding force were common.

That was until the Spartan system was developed - the world’s most complete, efficient and flexible precast panel formwork system, based around a patented Aluminium sideform range and the world’s strongest formwork magnet – Titan II.

The acquisition in 2008 of SRB Manufacturing Pty Ltd and exclusive manufacturing & distribution rights for Spartan in Australia, enables Reid to offer a panel forming solution for every application and budget