Panelware™ Climbing Formwork System

Panelware™ is a patented, innovative stack casting tilt-up system which comprises of just 8 main components including sideform, corner, top and bottom brackets which are lightweight, compact and easy to use.



Manufactured from structural grade aluminium, Panelware™ edge form is strong and lightweight, preventing injury from strain and heavy lifting. 


Panelware™ allows for unobstructed access from all sides of the panel and save on concrete pump costs by pouring directly from the truck into the panel with ease. 


Panelware™ allows you to stack cast as many panels as necessary, providing versatility required on difficult to access sites.

Panelware™: The aluminium edge form system that has revolutionised the tilt-up segment of the market…

  • Significant time and material cost savings
  • No timber or nailing
  • Unobstructed and safe access from all sides
  • Fully adjustable to manufacture any size panel
  • Compact, light and simply bolt together
  • Re useable job after job, year after year
  • Stack cast as many as you like, there is no limit
  • Infinite accuracy achievable
  • One bracket set compatible with 125mm, 150mm, 175mm and 200mm edge form

Click here for the Panelware Brochure