Panelware™ Climbing Bracket Set (PCFBS)

Central to the Panelware™ tilt-up system is the patented Climbing Formwork Bracket Set (PCFBS). The Panelware™ Climbing Formwork Bracket Set comprises of a top bracket, which securely holds the formwork in place, whilst supported by the bottom bracket.

The Panelware™ Top Bracket:

The Panelware™ Top Bracket is used to engage and hold the edge form in the correct position during the concrete pour.

The Top Bracket is designed with two vertical slots where the stud bolt is attached and in turn enables height adjustment of the edge form. The Top Bracket also has a “window” section to allow access to the socket head cap screw which locates the ferrule.

The key hole slot located in the base of the Panelware™ Top Bracket allows for panel width and length adjustment, whilst the Tilt Adjuster bolt provides adjustment should your edge form be out of plumb.

The Panelware™ Bottom Bracket:

The Panelware™ Bottom Bracket is used to support the Top Bracket and the Edge Form when forming the next panel.

The Bottom Bracket is reinforced with a full-length gusset and has two nuts welded to the underside to act as anchor points to attach the Top Bracket, allowing for panel variations of up 300mm.

A Flanged Head Purlin Bolt anchors the Panelware™ Bottom Bracket into the ferrule cast into the panel below.

Item Code: PCFBS  
Panelware™ Climbing Formwork
Bracket Set
Specification: Steel Construction. Zinc Plated
Box QTY 2 Sets

PCFBS Includes: 1 x PCFTB, 1 x PCFBB, 3 x M12PB, 1 x M12UB, 1 x M12FHN, 1 x M12SHCS and 1 x M12W