Panelware™ Corner Bracket Set (PCBS)

The Panelware™ Corner Bracket is used to join edge form at 90° corner junctions and is adaptable for use on both right and left hand corners.
When casting the first panel, the Corner Bracket is mounted from the top and the Stud bolts located into the Corner Bracket’s slots then tightened. For all subsequent panels, the Corner Bracket can be mounted from the underside to eliminate an obstructions over and above the height of the edge form.
The Panelware™ Corner Bracket is compatible with all 4 sizes of Edge Form and is available in a kit form which includes the Corner Bracket, M12 Spring Bolts and M12 Flange Nuts.

Item Code Description Bracket 


PCBS Panelware™ Corner Bracket Set Steel Construction.
Zinc Plated