Spartan™ Accessories

The Titan™ Screw Fix Bracket (TSFB) can be used as an alternative to the Titan™ Magnet Clamp and is ideal for semi-permanent set up of sideform.

The TSFB simply screws into the bed with the use of a single screw. The Magnet Adapter Plate is attached in the same manner as the Titan™ Magnet Clamp.

Item Code Colour Dimensions (LxWxH)
TSFB Silver 75mm x 6mm x 10mm

The Titan™ Ball Lock Rail Strip (BLRS) screws onto other sideform systems, adapting it for use with the Titan™ Magnet Clamp or with the Titan™ Screw Fix Bracket (TSFB).

Item Code Colour Dimensions (LxWxH)
BLRS Yellow 155mm x 10mm x 42mm

Spartan™ End Caps provide a silicone free join between sideform sections, preventing concrete bleed through gaps in temporarily joined sideform.

Likewise, the Spartan™ End Caps plug the ends of the sideform, preventing any concrete from filling the internal cavities. The Spartan Sideform End Caps now feature a taper or draft which makes stripping of both internal and external corners even easier!

Item Code Colour For use with:
SFEC125 Yellow SF125
SFEC150 Yellow SF150
SFEC175 Yellow SF175
SFEC200 Yellow SF200
SFEC250 Yellow SF250
SFEC300 Yellow SF300

Sold in pairs. Left and Right hand ends.

Spartan™ Joiner Plates are used for temporary or semi-permanent joining of sideform and used for joining the Spartan Internal Corner system.

Available in two sizes, the Joiner Plates are available for the 100mm and 125mm sideform (SFJP100125) and also available for the 150mm, 175mm, 200mm, 250mm & 300mm sideform (SFJP150200).

Item Code Colour Specifications
SFJP150200 Silver Suits Sideform SF150, SF175, SF200, SF250 and SF300
SFJP100125 Silver Suits Sideform SF100 and SF125

The Spartan™ Capping Removal Tool is a multi-purpose tool designed for the removal of capping, cleaning concrete from sideform and capping, and its unique Ball Lock Rail base helps remove concrete build up. The Capping Removal Tool’s moulded Ball Lock Rail base also helps pull sideform away from the finished concrete panel.

Item Code Colour Dimensions (LxWxH)
CAPRT Orange 220mm x 70mm x 50mm