Spartan™ Rubber Base Inserts

Not all steel beds are perfectly flat and small gaps do appear between the underside of the sideform and the bed. These can cause concrete bleed or seepage. Traditionally, a bead of silicone is used between the sideform and the steel bed - a labour intensive and cost prohibitive exercise.

Spartan™ Rubber Base inserts are an industry first. An innovation that prevents concrete bleed without the use of silicone - saving precast yards valuable time and money.

Spartan™ Rubber Base Inserts are also available in an 8 piece pack, pre-cut to provide a perfect right angle join when fitted to both Internal and External Corners.

Item Code Colour Dimensions
BIC12 Black 6m lengths

Item Code Colour Dimensions
BICSQ Black 6m lengths

Chamfer - Internal and External Corner Packs
Item Code Colour For use with:
BIC12CK Black Internal Corners
BIC12ECK Black External Corners or Sideform Extensions