Spartan™ Sideform Capping

The Spartan™ Sideform Capping provides precasters with the flexibility to change sideform height and profile without the need to invest in entirely new sideform.

Available in 6 sizes ranging from +0mm to +25mm in 5mm increments, the Spartan™ Top Cap simply snaps on to the sideform, and snaps off as required.

The PVC capping is easy to clean with the use of the Spartan™ Capping Removal Tool (CAPRT) and is inexpensive to replace. The Spartan™ Square Profile Top Cap is available in +0, and provides a creative point of difference to the Spartan™ range of 12x12 Chamfered Top Caps.

Chamfer - 12 x 12 Profile
Item Code Colour Dimensions (LxH)
CAPC1200 Grey 3m x 0mm
CAPC1205 White 3m x 5mm
CAPC1210 Blue 3m x 10mm
CAPC1215 Burgundy 3m x 15mm
CAPC1220 Orange 3m x 20mm
CAPC1225  Dark Blue 3m x 25mm

Item Code Colour Dimensions (LxH)
CAPSQ00 Light Grey 3m x 0mm

The Internal Corner Cap packs are specifically designed to fit the Spartan™ Internal Corner System and are available in an 8 piece (4 pair) pack ranging in sizes from +0mm through to +25mm in 5mm increments for chamfer profile.

Spartan™ Corner Top Cap is cut to a specific length to cover the End Caps, which allows for a quick and easy butt join of capping.


Item Code Profile Colour Height
CAPCIP1200 Chamfer Grey 0mm
CAPCIP1205 Chamfer White 5mm
CAPCIP1210 Chamfer Light Blue 10mm
CAPCIP1215 Chamfer Burgundy 15mm
CAPCIP1220 Chamfer Orange 20mm
CAPCIP1225 Chamfer  Dark Blue 25mm
CAPSQIP00 Square Light Grey 0mm

External Corners provide a seamless join of sideform that meets as a T-section on the external perimeter of the panel.

Each pack of Spartan External Capping comprises of 8 pieces (4 left and 4 right hand pieces).  External Corner Capping sections are 150mm in length to suit the Spartan range of Sideform Extensions.

Item Code Colour Height
CAPCEP1200 Grey 0mm
CAPCEP1205 White 5mm
CAPCEP1210 Light Blue 10mm
CAPCEP1215 Burgundy 15mm
CAPCEP1220 Orange 20mm
CAPCEP1225  Dark Blue 25mm