Titan III Magnet Clamp

The Titan III is the new generation of precast magnet clamp that boasts a number of significant design improvements over its predecessor. The Titan III is stronger, tougher and more durable than the Titan II, providing precasters with improved performance in both clamp force and centre-load or “shear” resistance.

So what does all this mean?

The Titan III’s improved performance in both clamp force and centre-load resistance translates to improved (or larger) spacings between Titan III magnet clamps compared to the Titan II. Improved magnet clamp spacings allows precasters to use less magnets around a panel, reducing the in-place capital cost per panel, as well as further improving efficiencies and lowering labour costs.

How does the Titan III do it?

The key to the Titan III’s improved performance is the larger and significantly more powerful rare-earth magnet pack. The Titan III’s base seal is die- cast aluminium with a Nitrile rubber over-mold, which is now even softer than the base seal on the Titan II.

Combine that with the re-engineered magnet surrounds, and the Titan III now offers far greater centre-load resistance than any other commercially available magnet clamp. The magnet housing has been re-designed to improve rigidity and reduce housing torsion or “creep” when the magnet clamp is engaged.

The thicker wall sections of the Titan III housing also improves durability and ensures the Titan III is job site tough!

Item Code MAG3
Colour Orange/Red
Dimensions 140mm L x 155mm W x 85mm H
 Carton Qty:  2 units per carton
Specifications Weight: 4.1kgs. Up to 1,800kgs pull-down force

Cleaning, Maintenance and Storage

The Titan™ Magnet Clamp housing is made from a glass reinforced plastic which prevents concrete from sticking to it, making it easy to clean.

The magnet housing can be cleaned by using a dry/damp cloth or a fine plastic bristle brush.  The underside of the magnet (the magnet pack) should be cleaned of any foreign matter.  This will enable the magnet to sit flush on the precast bed and perform to specification.

Do not clean the Titan™ Magnet Clamp using high pressure water cleaners, acids or aggressive detergents.

  1. Turn the magnet upside down and check that the bottom is clean and free from slurry, metal wire and other particles.  It can be cleaned with a rag or by using a plastic scraper (the Spartan™ Capping Removal Tool: CAPRT).
  2. While the magnet is this position, check that there is no excessive wear on the rubber skirting.  If required, the rubber skirting can be replaced by an authorised repairer.
  3. Make sure that the handle bolts are securely fastened using a 4mm or 5/32" hex wrench.  If they are loose, remove the bolts, apply Loctite® (262) and replace.
  4. The Loctite® will prevent the bolts from working loose again.
  5. Remove any excessive concrete build up from the magnet handles.  Avoid hitting handles with a hammer.  If there is any visible damage, the handles should be replaced.
  6. Remove the adapter plate and clean both the front of the magnet housing, and the adapter plate.  Ensure that the bolts are only finger-tight when replaced.  DO NOT over-tighten the bolts.

When not in use, the Titan™ Magnet and sideform, like any other capital equipment, should be cleaned and stored away under cover to prevent accidental damage.  The magnets can be stored on any metal surface such as columns, edges of beds, etc.


The Titan™ range of Magnet Adapter Plates are the crucial link in the Spartan™ Formwork System, enabling quick and easy interchangeability of the magnet between sideform of varying size. The Magnet Adapter Plate is slotted over the two hex bolts that are supplied with the magnet. Hand tighten bolts only.

NOTE: Do not over tighten bolts!


Item Code Colour Dimensions (L X W X H)
Suits SF125
145mm x 20mm x 65mm
MAP150175 Suits SF150 & SF175 145mm x 20mm x 110mm
MAP200 Suits SF200 145mm x 20mm x 160mm
MAP250 Suits SF250 140mm x 30mm x 170mm
MAP300 Suits SF300 140mm x 30mm x 220mm

The Titan™ Magnet Flap helps protect your magnet by shielding it from spillages that will occur during a concrete pour.

Manufactured from a combination of high quality Nitrile Rubber and High Density Nylon, the Titan™ Magnet Flap is highly flexible, which easily repels wet or dry concrete.

The Titan™ Magnet Flap helps reduce concrete build up on the magnet housing, and also prevents concrete from entering the pivot - ensuring your magnets continue to engage and disengage smoothly.

The Titan™ Magnet Flap is quick and easy to install.

The MAG1FLAP kit includes the Rubber Flap, hinge and 3 x 6g self-tapping screws.