As part of the global ITW Group, Reid can supply the best available construction tools to meet your needs.  From electric drills and grinders to powder actuated fixing equipment, form release sprayers to laser set out tools, there is a solution to every application.

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Reid is part of the global ITW Group, providing access to a wide variety of high quality tools. The range of lasers available offer high accuracy, faster set-up times, and reliable operation in simple to use, low maintenance units.

The SL Laser Plotter enables detailed drawings, contours, outlines or positions of all precast panel components to be accurately projected at full size onto the casting bed. This precise unit is maintenance free, does not require re-calibration, and is backed by full warranties, support and service.

The Ramset™ Set Out Laser is a rotating level laser, with self-levelling functionality in both vertical and horizontal applications. Suitable for leveling, vertical alignment, plumbing and squaring, the Set Out Laser has a working radius of 150 metres and is remote controlled. Choice of beams include rotating plane, scanning, and chalk line, and the laser target allows operation in bright ambient light.

The Ramset Easylaser 50 is a highly accurate laser distance measuring device with a range of up to 50 metres. Small, robust, and precise, the Easylaser 50 is a high quality, affordable tool suitable for any precast environment.

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User Guide - TOTAL Drum Top Sprayer

To get the most out of Reid's high performance bondbreakers and form release agents, correct application is essential.

The Reid TOTAL Spray Applicator and REAL Drum Top Sprayer provide two simple and effective dispensing options to suit your site. Both are designed for tough construction environments, and a range of spare parts and optional upgrades are also available.

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With access to the global resources of the ITW Group, Reid can provide a wide range of products for the construction industry. An important element of this offering is the supply of high quality Ramset drills, grinders, and concrete chasers, to cover the needs of the modern precast yard.

Supported by the renowned Ramset National Service Centre, Ramset’s range of electric tools provide confidence and reliability to your workplace, with the convenience of supply through Reid.  

Reid has numerous hand tools to make things easier on the shop floor and on site: Fillet Cutters to produce clean cuts in fillet, avoiding messy edges; The Golden Retriever cleans up metallic dust and off cut's without the need for sweeping; Ram bar for correct positioning of panels.