Rapid Brace

Developed as a solution to bracing precast panels on low strength concrete floor slabs, the patented RapidBrace™ system is a safe and reliable fixing point for prop footing at concrete strengths as low as 8MPa.

Demand for bracing options in “green” concrete was driven by builders aiming to shorten floor cycle times through the removal of bottlenecks associated with the erection of wall panels. Particularly suited to post tensioned (PT) slabs, the use of RapidBrace also removes the likelihood of costly rupture of PT cabling when drilling into concrete to install fixing points. RapidBrace is also suitable for fixing temporary items such as safety screens and handrails.

RapidBrace removes the need for fixing to lower floor levels through a void cast into the current floor, using an expansion anchor at below design concrete strengths, costly high early strength concrete, or delaying construction until sufficient concrete strength is attained to suit an expansion anchor (typically 72 hours).

Employing 12mm continuously threaded ReidBar™, the RapidBrace system provides a “bar break” connection where brace fixing points are designed with the Grade 500N ReidBar as the limiting factor.

The RapidBrace system was designed with flexibility in mind. It can be used with or without the dual-purpose chair to provide coverage if required, the graduated void tube can be easily cut to suit different floor thicknesses, and the ReidBar connection and wing-nut is reusable.

RapidBrace can dramatically improve floor cycle times in high rise construction, no matter the depth of the floor slab.

Please refer to the RapidBrace AS 3850 compliance document here.

RapidBrace Wing Nut
ReidBar Threaded Bar
12mm (540mm long)
Reid Void Tube SwiftCap
Reid Void Tube
10 x 3m
RapidBrace Base
50 bases (inc.cover)
RapidBrace Foot