Rebate Solutions

A number of options are available to obtain rebated connections using Reidbar Inserts and CouplersReidbar Rebate Boards and Reidbox provide simple and effective means to produce well-defined concrete rebates for in-situ concrete pours.  Reidbar Rebate solutions save time during placement and generate no waste materials for disposal.  The resultant connection uses the well-regarded Reidbar coarse thread, providing a sturdy and robust connection that is tolerant to some slurry ingress. 

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Reidbar Rebate Boards are the simplest way to place Reidbar fittings quickly and accurately, and can be re-used many times in concrete pours.  Packed with features such as nail holes, jacking nuts, and chamfered edges makes placement and stripping a breeze.

Sizes Available

Rebate Depths: 30 & 40mm
Lengths: 900, 1000, 1100 & 1200mm
Widths: 90, 150, 180, 200, 225, 230, 250 & 300mm
Fittings spacings: at specified centres
Reidbar fittings: 12, 16, 20, 25 & 32mm

Features & Benefits
  • Tough & flexible polyurethane: re-useable up to 20 - 40 times
  • Custom made: suits all sizes of Reidbar Inserts and Couplers
  • Nail/Screw holes: for simple and multiple-use attachment to formwork
  • M20 Jacking Nuts: easy stripping from concrete
  • Solid Board: prevents concrete ingress into rebate and Reidbar fitting
  • Rebate: forms a 30mm rebate in concrete
  USER GUIDE - Reidbox
Reidbox rebate solutions provide an economical rebated solution using Reidbar fittings for floor to wall connections.  Install using nails or tie wire, and strip from concrete by removing the orange backing lid and unscrewing the plastic bolts inside.  Reidbox is re-assembled by fixing new fittings using the plastic bolts and rubber washers and re-sealing the rebate board with the orange backing lid.

Sizes Available
Rebate depth: 30mm
Length: 750mm
Width: 100mm
Fitting spacing: 50mm increments
Reidbar fittings: 12, 16 & 20mm

Features & Benefits


  • Rebate: forms a 30mm rebate in concrete
  • Pre-assembly Option: receive boards with Reidbar fittings pre-installed
  • Tough & flexible polypropylene: re-useable up to 6 times
  • Flexible tie options: can nail or tie-wire plastic assembly to formwork or reinforcing
  • Sealed board: removeable cover and base prevents concrete seepage