Punching Shear Reinforcment

Reid Studrails provide a practical solution for the control of punching shear in concrete construction, increasing design freedom and flexibility. Studrails are an effective and efficient method of reinforcing the concrete in high shear zones around concentrated loads such as column heads, eliminating the need for localised thickening of concrete. They solve many contemporary construction problems and allows stakeholders to utilise the many benefits of flat slab construction methods, such as:

  • Reduced floor to floor heights
  • Reduced overall building height
  • Greater flexibility for tenant layout
  • Reduce column size
  • Simplified reinforcement design
  • Efficient use of formwork
  • Reduced construction costs



What is Studrail?

Studrails consist of double headed, hot forged 500MPa studs welded to a flat steel strip, manufactured to suit specific applications.

Available in 12, 16 and 20mm diameter